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ClimaForce Insulated Siding

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ClimaForce™ Insulated Siding.  Advanced All-Weather Protection. 

ClimaForce™ insulated vinyl siding not only adds a thick layer of insulation around your home, it gives the outside of your home the look and feel of solid wood siding. With added insulation, you can reduce your home energy costs and enjoy a quieter, more comfortable living environment. It’s a smart investment that pays you back with a lifetime of energy efficient, low-maintenance beauty.

  •   EPSulation® polystyrene insulation backer increases the R-Value of your exterior walls - so your home is warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and quieter all year round
  •   Premium panel thickness adds stability and strength so panels install straight and true
  •   Never needs caulking or painting
  •   Resists dents and cracks from unexpected impacts
  •   Mold growth due to trapped interior and exterior moisture is less likely
  •   Treated to repel destructive insects like carpenter ants and termites
  •   Available in four fashionable profiles: S7, D6, D4 and D5 DL
  •   S7 and D6 profile's wide panels give an elegant appearance common in today's high-end homes
  •   Available in a wide variety of colors including the dramatic, dark Scenic Scapes® hues
  •   Supported by a full-line of coordinating accessories so your home can express your design vision
  •   Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty gives you peace of mind
  •   Class 1A fire rated


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